I went to the kitchen to get food and came back with ONE caramel and no food. 


Using microscopes for the first time can be tough though. Seriously. Hopefully it’ll get easier the more you do it! :3

I work in the microbiology lab at school. :3 
It was just funny how many students tried to get me to do it for them. 

First day with microscopes with the students.  Basically:

No, I will not focus your slide for you.
No, not even if you sigh and throw your hands up.
If you can’t be bothered to learn how to focus a slide, should you even be taking this class?

Don’t be afraid to go back and locate the organism again.

please stop going from 10x directly to 100x. You will not see anything.

No, leave the stage there while you put oil on the slide….

Please use both of your eyes when looking into the scopes. 

I’m going to bed now because I have to be at work at 7:30 (after going to the hospital at 5 this summer that seems like sleeping in!). 

I should probably start studying tomorrow, since I’ve finally accumulated books. 



electricmeg said: I didn’t mean it that way and you’re not dumb xD Injuries suck though. You’re so cheerful <3 I hate seeing people in pain, especially nice people!! (idc if that makes me mean) the move went fine, but I can’t find anything. LOL

xD! Sorrrryyyy. They do….

AHHH I HOPE WE GO TO THE SAME ONE SOMEDAY TOO! Maybe if any of them gets a good band this next year LOLOLOLOL

Also if you ever need to talk or vent you ccan always send me a message. I screwed up my shoulder a few years back (actually more than once LMAO but I know how it is to be limited and it can be frustrating. <3<3 chin up and take lots of calcium and vitamins xD

Blguh moving. It’s crazy, but we didn’t move too far, so I still can go to my old favorite restaurants and stuff. I’m slowly learning the neighborhood, and bringing in my stuff. I’ve completely lost my dog nail clippers and my 3 hole punch though. -_-





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Anonymous sent: on a scale from 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with cats?


a catrillion!!


Evil genius.  Ignore my stupid face, Boe is heavy and uncooperative.

For nezumiiro :3

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